Catering Policy

What is included in pizza catering?

  • Buffet Style, unlimited pizzas served on 6 foot table with fluffy crust, thin Italian style pizzas
  • Our wood fired pizza oven trailer, fully solar powered with night lights that illuminate our red oven.
  • Supplied wood
  • Serving ware (paper plates, napkins, plastic forks if ordering salad)
  • Team of 2-5 pizzaiolos (pizza makers and servers)
  • Full set up and clean up of our pizza area only
  • Trash bin for guests
  • 2 hours of all-you-can-eat pizza service
  • extra serving time can be requested for additional fee

Vegan & Gluten-free Pizzas

We offer our homemade vegan cheese made out of cashew nuts at additional cost. We can also do pizzas with no cheese.

Our pizza sauce do not contain any nuts, oil, sugar, onion, or garlic.

Our pizza dough does not contain any nuts or oil. For our regular dough, we use special imported Italian flour for our regular pizza crust, which is more finely ground and easier to digest compared with American flour. We offer gluten-free pizzas for additional cost, if available or cauliflower pre-made pizza. We have heard numerous times from gluten intolerant customers that they were able to eat our regular pizza dough.

We will need to know exactly how many gf pizzas you would like. Please note that we cook the gf pizzas in the same oven as our normal pizzas, but the oven fires at over 800 degrees so most of flour is burnt off. Those with celiac disease need to be aware that cross contamination is possible. 

If you have any other dietary restrictions, please be sure to communicate with us at least 2 weeks prior to your event.


We are fully functional in regular rain and wind conditions and have tents to pop up. We can place buffet tables indoors, if possible. Closer to your event date, we can offer options and best solution so that we can continue your pizza party, even in the rain. Please see Cancellation Policy for details on switching dates and any additional fee that you may incur.

Required Space for our Oven Trailer

We require 13x13 feet of outdoor space to operate our wood fire oven trailer and additional space to set up a separate buffet table. We require 7 feet of width for our truck to bring in the trailer.

After you book with us, please send us a photo or video of where you envision to set up our wood fired oven trailer.

I have my own oven!

Amazing! We can use your oven to make pizzas! Please send us a photo of your oven.

Will you offer a discount if we use our oven?

We cannot offer discount by using your wood fired oven. We will have to arrive earlier than if we were to bring our oven - 2 hours prior to serving time, to start the fire to make sure temperature reaches to 800 F. We will bring all our equipment, including split wood.

Extra Service

Please note that the quote we provide is for our staff to set up and clean up in our pizza area only.  Our staff is busy prepping, making pizzas, and serving onto the buffet table that we do not have enough capacity to support outside our scope of catering service. We do have the right to refuse any additional help asked on day of, without consulting first. 

If you require extra service, such as bringing pizzas to your sit down table, pouring water into your glass, assisting in any other cleanup, we are happy to provide you pricing and availability of additional staff for support, if available. We will need to know prior with the exact list of tasks.

Photo & Video

During your event, we will take photos and videos of our team making pizzas. We use them in our social media and website for marketing purposes. Some of your guests may be in the photos and videos. If you prefer that we not take photos and videos, please let us know so we can respect your privacy.


We understand that unseen circumstances may happen and you may have to cancel your event with us.

In this instance, our Cancellation Policy is below:

-We receive many inquiries, especially on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Once you put down your deposit, we are committing to your date and rejecting other potential parties interested in the same date. If you are considering rescheduling your date, please note that there will be a fee of $250.

-If you decide to cancel at least 91 days prior to your pizza party, your deposit is refundable minus $700 fee.

-If you decide to cancel your pizza party 31-90 days prior to your event date, your deposit is non-refundable, as we may have had to decline other pizza inquiries on your date.

If you decide to cancel the event 30 days prior to your event, you will be charged in full for the quote amount.

-We may use another vendor/chef to supplement your party such as local food, charcuterie board, salad, or dessert. In case of cancellation after deposit is made, there could also be additional fee of up to $200, as we have already paid the deposit to the other food vendors.

-We are fully functional in regular rain and wind conditions and have tents to pop up. We can place buffet tables indoors, if possible. Closer to your event date, we can offer options and best solution so that we can continue your pizza party, even in the rain.

-In the event that you want to change date due to extreme upcoming weather (such as hurricane or flash flood warnings) you can change date up to 2 days after event date with no additional fee, given you give us 48 hour notice, if we are available. Any date change after 2 days will incur extra fee of $200 for ingredient and labor cost.

-If we are unable for any reason to fulfill catering services, due to unseen emergency, all payments will be refunded in full.